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Realtors Can Now Take Control Of Their Career

The Orland Group provides realtors with tools needed to energize themselves and your business in today’s challenging and ever changing market place.

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Eric Orland

For the past 30 years, I have worked in the business development arena, where I was able to accomplish a very high degree of success. I have worked in sales, sales management, sales training and sales consulting capacity. Having been associated with well-respected products and services has provided me with the tools necessary to succeed.I have worked in four different industries, being directly responsible for capturing a significant portion of the market share audience.

My most recent accomplishments have taken place in the field of residential real estate and investment banking. My clients have been extremely diversified and have stemmed from portfolio managers. I have conducted real estate training seminars to real estate agents throughout the country.

Regardless of the industry, the one consistent element has been my ability to set high goals and obtain them. My strongest attributes to surpassing expectations have been tenacity, forming strong client relationships, and understanding the needs of my buyers. These are also the elements I have searched for when responsible for building and managing a sales team. It is having the responsibility of leading and training a sales organization that I most enjoy.

The Orland Group presents The Blue Print to Real Estate Success, an ongoing coaching class experience in a live setting and at no cost to assist realtors in running the most profitable and efficient real estate business possible.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and competence. Our goal is to provide the highest level of training and coaching services to the real estate community. Our coaching philosophy is based on accountability, perfecting tools and systems that will increase realtor productivity, efficiency and assisting coaching participants with building out a database of potential clients.

The Orland Group offers Real Estate professionals a free 1- hour coaching class that meets twice a month for a nine-month period. The classes have been designed to assist Real Estate professionals in running the most profitable and efficient business possible. The class is comprised of Realtors who run their business as professionals and not as a hobby.

The Classes Are Built Around 3 Basic Principles:


To succeed, all real estate professionals must hold themselves responsible to each step that comprises their own individual system of achievement. Without this accountability, discipline, and determination, the rest of the material will be of little value.


Eric introduces the most sophisticated systems and tools in the Real Estate Industry, tested and proven by both him during his successful years as a realtor and the students that have completed the classes throughout the past years.


Assignments to assist each member of the class to build a database of potential clients, overcome hurdles and objections. They also gain the confidence to deliver value on instinct with internalized scripting. By completing these activities, development is assured.

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With classes emerging in your area, we’d like to invite you to join in on gaining this absolutely FREE value by taking a step toward confidence and certainty in your industry. Push your real estate business to the next level by having the best tools and systems in place that can allow you to flourish and remove the obstacles in your path with help from one of the top real estate coaches in the nation.

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How are you maintaining your accountability? Eric will cover how to establish effective goals and means to exceed expectations.


What does your day look like? Eric will cover daily routine and discipline, including time blocking and honoring a calendar for a better and more proactive day.


Are you capable of isolating objections and turning rejection into affirmation? Eric will show you how to maneuver around the most common fears that stop realtors from earning the success they deserve.


How do you collect leads and build your farm? What are the best methods of approaching new clients to obtain their business? Eric answers these questions and more.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

The class materials are delivered in a sequential manner while layering tools on top of tools. Therefore, it is important for participants to plan on attending all classes to ensure their success. The classes have been attended by some of the most successful Realtors throughout California as well as newer agents who have seen their business absolutely skyrocket. Don’t you and your business deserve the opportunity to experience the dynamic results that you want, need and desire? Simply take action today and enroll in this free 1-hour class to see how it can positively impact your business. Learn from one of the best Real Estate Coaches in the Country who has experienced tremendous success and has the passion for sharing with you exactly what it takes to build out your Real Estate empireto assist Real Estate professionals in running the most profitable and efficient business possible. The class is comprised of Realtors who run their business as professionals and not as a hobby.

  • Essential Tools For Success

  • Goal Setting

  • Calendar and Scheduling

  • Database Management

  • Prospecting Tools and Techniques

  • Pre-Listing Packet

  • Listing Presentation

  • Buyer Presentation

  • Farm Building

  • Expired / Price Reduction 

  • Open House Procedure

  • Building a Real Estate Team

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Hear What People Have To Say About Blue Print for Real Estate Success

We are fully dedicated to driving value to the professionals we engage with. If you want to leave your own review, fill out the comment box below and add your experience to the list!

“He brings new ideas and new perspectives to the table.”

– Deanna Deckard, Windemere Hulsey & Associates

Rave reviews from my clients fortunate enough to participate in Eric’s training. I was spell bound watching him work his magic while educating the attendance with such clarity and intensity.

Stephanie Jordan, Senior Officer, Real Time Escrow

An extremely gifted speaker. Eric’s no nonsense approach is motivating yet delivered with elegance. The fundamental tools an agent needs is conveyed with as much substance as anyone I have heard speak in my 32 years in the real estate business.

Orhan Tolu, President, Century 21 Alliance Inc.

One of the most inspiring and motivating speakers ever. Eric Orland provides cutting edge material and delivers it in a manner that allows anyone to be successful who chooses to implement.

Tommy Smith, GBA Investments

Eric, you have given me a TOOL I will never forget.  I woke up this morning, did my regular devotion. Then I found myself thinking about the importance of a simple calendar. Just realizing the importance of such a simple page has made me clearly see how easy it can be to leverage my time and make my days more productive and less stressful.


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